What I was told

Sitting back, train rides.

Then, Infinite said “if things are going the way I think they are, you are putting your trust on dead rather than on life, fear is consuming your soul, darkness cover your days and a long night awaits you to give it kiss”

All I knew was this: Infinite is absolute and fallible, but seldomly mistaken. It has to do with instic and heart. Not brain.

I wish for Infinite wrong. Never has happened.

Told me to pray, so I did. Told me to wait, so I obeyed.

“Faith”, it says, “will save you. Only you, but faith will help others, that’s all you can do”

“Love”, my heart hurts, “makes things, people and situations beautiful and worth living for, it also has a color and a taste: red from your blood, salty from your tears”