Strong words

Beliefs, believe and trust. All applied to you.

Here is the thing, English is not my native language, I speak Spanish but for the purpose of practicing my second language this blog was created.

Another confession, my Spanish grammar is far from perfect, I need lots of editing and rewriting along the way, my official topics are connected to my daily job-related shores but I need to do this for pleasure, an outlet, breath and yes, ego. But why the title, confession and randomness of this post? Just because I can.

Belief is a strong word, rooted within a person’s soul it manage paradigmatic vision composed by good judge, prejudices and self-inflicted lies. We can’t control it because the system was planted in our unconsciousness way before our forming in the wombs of our mothers. Funny, this is a Jungian belief in which I totally subscribe my thinking and try to fit you in. Beliefs are the translate software activated between ourselves and the others inasmuch as we don’t speak the same. To each brain its own software.

Believe, the descendant of our former strong word. In order to function according to software whoever you are an action must take place, essence the verb “believe” existence and use which varies even for one person’s self, and to add even more complexity to it no one “believes” at least 50% of the beliefs he/she proclaims to advocate for. A word with many misconception that as a cynic twist is taken so rigidly by so many.

Trust. Important, vital, never applied. Democracies, Dictatorships and religions base upon its meaning(less) significance as we lost the humanity inherent to live by it, since its definition is, and  I quote “noun 1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. 2. confident expectation of something; hope.” characters qualities are needed to use and be benefit by my third strong word, and lastly but not less important the second meaning of trust is hope. Curious isn’t it? What a dream for universe’s comedy to have us putting our trust in hope not knowing that both are one?. How is that we use the word hope at the end of everything when it is the beginning of all?. Do you have hope in your surrounding peers or circumstances?

Which are your “strong words”? The words upon the building of your life has its stillness. I have listed mine.


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