I ’ll leave a castle of confort for a road leading to a vague thing called “future”, I’m not sure how this whole “future” crap works, “ahead” “foresee” “coming” “leading towards” etc. My life has those words like tags EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Lists come and go, some just add more task to them, apparently “future” is full of todays. 

What if I ditch “future” and start thinking of “today in X days”. It could be an inner problem this inability to use that term, to think inside the parameters of unseen foreseeable certainties, coping mechanism? Maybe, almost positive. Good bye one location, hello a million of different whereabouts. I do wonder if the pain feels like glory once you decide to stop to jungle what won’t happen instead of living the happenings. 

Living is crossing doings, doings never cease to chase you once put a green light and a plain ticket in your pocket. I’m O.K with chasing me, over and over again,

Today, I’ll be doing that.


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