The Luckiest

It is told in the Popol-Vuh that mankind went through three creations process in order to achieve the type of humans we are today, for the Gods always found a defect in former materials before using corn, we are “men of corn”, the most sacred grain in native American cultures and consumed today on a daily basis by nearly one-third of world’s population. And even though those Gods formed our species from the same materials they gave us the breath of life, a soul, the touch of heavens. As a consequence, despite biological common factor, I’m not my neighbor.

According with numbers, I have 15x chances of committing suicide, I’m prone to addictions in a higher level that 95% of people and, as a woman, post-partum depression is mostly a certainty awaiting it’s time to come. However, not suicide has been committed, drugs as appealing and often the quick fix they are, never were my cup of tea and if the latter fact happens my individuality will remain the same. However, every time I write two words on a piece of papers I become a dot in a chart for people trying to understand the world, and its people, as “normal” versus “special”, that dreadful code for different. But these two words are my piece of divinity, my gift given by a powerful entity who created you and me. Would you reject and neglect a portion of the universe just because it makes you a separate person from the one sitting next to you? After loving God, love thy neighbor is commanded, furthermore, you must love that person with the same love you have for yourself. Can you love otherness?
I’m not good with magazine information about study cases, I’m good with people and their joys just as much as sorrows for you see I’m 1-4 humans for my two words and so is the human being waiting in line to pay a bill, standing inches away from my arm while using the tube and that student praying to get a decent grade. My days are an exercise of love and charity towards whoever comes to my way, most of those days I fail, but a few are glorious facts aside.

Luck is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as (n) good or bad things that happen by chance or good fortune, and lucky as having, bringing, or resulting from good luck.
My words make me the luckiest girl in the universe.


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