My super power

Too often my ideas can’t find a spoke person, I’m rather terrible at  advocating  myself because I don’t know how to make people outside my circle understand or respect me, so I’m a horrible cynic, despicable woman most the time and for most of the people since I never go out. But I have friends, and I presume they must have at least some sort of sympathy for me or I would have been thrown out of a window a long time ago. Therefore, I must be or I am a person who doesn’t go well around her peers. What’s that? Is it a disease? Defect? No, it’s called “to be an introvert”. Simply put: leave me alone, I’m trying to exist.

I chose a profession where books, writing and loneliness are key rules to achieve success – History B. A- and collaboration if a seldom practice viewed as intrusive and tacky, a researcher has to develop his own projects as fantasies and write accordingly, it’s rare to find teams doing historical research jobs, and when it happens murder is expected. At teaching, the person stands up alone in front of a class and delivers information just known to that person like talking to a mirror with a thousand eyes.
Solitude is my temple.
Here’s a woman who managed to live the life of the deadly needed social relationships to be competitive as a lawyer but then she realized that it kills her. Let me introduce you to an amazing talk, when one person spokes for millions hidden in plain view.


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