Welcome seeker, night owl or deeply alone friend

Pleasure to meet you and pardon me for my selfish attitude.
By being alone, jobless and outdated with zero time restrains allows me to become a writer every night. Looking for words to describe the sensations and fears, sadness and some bright points of my daily adventures –as a bipolar patience every day a miracle- . What about this taboo: becoming productive as a conclusive result of falling away from mainstream paradigms of what a successful almost 30 years old woman should be.
I’m 29 living with my mother and three cats, with a bachelor’s degree, History, and a “secure” position as a professor at my Alma Mater, no boyfriend, children or dependable creatures under my care, in other words I’M FREE. Free… Freedom.
A price is demanded by fate, the gods need my humiliation in return so I must pay with fear, loneliness and a despicable ego, what an academic bitch I am. A whore with brains who writes other people’s crap with no credits whatsoever for myself. Poor credentials. Decent life!
To move this girl/woman from a comfortable, but dangerous zone takes a leap of hope, an absolute need, but hope only comes when you behave well…
Salute to you!


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